The Ego as of Now


By Mick Spillane


We live in an environment that promotes models of a society characterized by equal rights, a fair (uh huh) distribution of goods, opportunities, just social relations, and freedoms. But it is these models that correctly identify some of the root causes of human suffering in hierarchy, oppression, and exploitation. Yet they face a fundamental difficulty. In other words, a majority of radical political activity tends to aim at satisfying the social self—that is, the Ego.


As a culture, we are constantly on a quest for happiness, for pleasure, what will make us feel good. If we want to consume more, society is provided with higher, more equitably distributed standard of living. If we are culturally corrupted, we will have our customs and traditions given respect. If we do not care for social decisions, we will turn to the political process. Yes, all of this will make us happy.


We assume that such changes will make us happy; we assume these changes will remove enormous amounts of suffering and provide satisfaction. As a society that wants more, the ego is not easily appeased. Do the wealthy, white educated, nonoppressed people in our society show a kind, caring, calm, temperament? Do they cease to want more?


To exalt the ego is to show reverence to something which never was or can be.


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