Turn of Phrase Services

Manuscript Evaluation and Critique

The evaluation and critique of a manuscript requires a thorough reading and analysis of your manuscript. You will receive a detailed evaluation with suggestions for improvement. Your manuscript will not be marked up, as in copyediting/proofreading. I understand that your work is important to you, that you are protective of your words. Which is why, as I begin to shape a book—that is, suggesting cuts, perhaps even additions or even—as sometimes in nonfiction, a different approach. First, though, a relationship of trust must be established between editor and author. 


The manuscript evaluation and critique is not just for fiction, but nonfiction, business/marketing documents, essays, white papers, and academic papers. 


*As your editor, I cannot promise that a publisher will accept your manuscript for publication. However, I do promise to provide the author with an honest, supportive, and clear assessment of his or her work; offering suggestions on how to improve your manuscript as well as pointing out its weaknesses.