Why I’m Here… 

We’re only human—people make mistakes every day. When it comes to the written word, people make a lot of mistakes. Have you ever tried to copyedit/proofread your own work? Not an easy task. Editing one’s self is akin to a solar powered flashlight. Some people struggle with grammar, usage, style, syntax, or the rudiments of basic English grammar. Or they are left wondering, “Do I cut this part?” “Do I leave this part in?” Writing and editing can be a daunting task. Furthermore, the writer is attached to their work; emotionally attached to their work. An objective voice is needed to address the writer’s ideas, and to address those ideas and bring it to life on the page. Turn of Phrase Editorial Services provides an expert and specialized service in copyediting/proofreading for those mistakes, cultivating the language, and transforming your work into a masterpiece. 

My Copyediting Style

Copyediting is not—or shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, I approach the manuscript or document as fresh and objective as possible. My purpose is to maintain the author’s voice and language. It is important that the author’s voice and style be clear, appropriate, and accurate. The finished content is coherent, transitions work, and the writing flows.


*All copyediting and proofreading is done electronically in MS Word via Track Changes.